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      Jiangmen City into Exhibition Lighting Co., a collection development, design, production and sales in one of the lighting manufacturer.
      Company classical elegance, luxury and modern bold, imaginative style of the times together, brand, reputation in domestic and foreign merchants praise; mainly produces crystal lamp, chandelier, ceiling, wall, the room lights, civil lamps, floor lamps, modern undertake non-standard custom lights and other lighting products according to customer demand to plans to OEM. Excellent design - each product designers have been carefully crafted, stylish novel, set functions, trends and art in one, with the home life into a more beautiful luster.
     Rong exhibition lighting to "Fitch first, the customer first. Quality of excellence, innovation!" For the purpose. To make up and make unremitting efforts! With the right lighting unique understanding of the economic model, the establishment of an efficient customer-oriented information, logistics systems, providing customers with professional, convenient and efficient services to help clients gain a competitive advantage.
     Talent is the key strategic resource companies. Has been upgraded to specialization, branding, international development finance exhibition sincerely look forward to more talents to join, and we hope that all the friends, leaders and win-win, for a better future!

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